Support for your fitness business – whatever your stage of growth

The rules of the industry have changed. We’re cutting through the complexity to bring you free resources, affordable tools, and bespoke consultancy.

The JCV Insider 

The Insider keeps you and your business ahead of industry trends, opportunities, challenges, and growth strategies.

The JCV Vault 

Finding accurate, up-to-date guidance that really works for gym owners can be a challenge.

The Vault offers a range of resources, templates, frameworks, and in-depth guidance for various areas of setting up, running, and growing a fitness business.

Updated frequently, the Vault is focused on unlocking the most common roadblocks for aspiring or current gym owners.

1:1 Coaching
with JC

Feel you have the drive and self-motivation to cut through to the highest level? Offering top-flight coaching (no carrying), these 90-minute calls with industry expert JC Vacassin give you a targeted boost.

JCV Coaching Programme

Ongoing 1:1 support from JC in an exclusive limited community.

The ideal choice if you have an established gym with at least 150 members and a full-time coaching team of three or more – or you’re an ambitious new business. In either case, you’re ready for growth.

How to get started with JCV

JCV Insider

  • Fortnightly video Q&As – your questions answered by JC personally
  • Regular exclusive insights from JC’s position as an industry expert 
  • Free resources and templates (available paid externally)
  • Priority access to the JCV Coaching Programme



per month

1:1 Coaching with JC

  • Identify specific roadblocks in your business growth – and get insight on how to level up
  • Get targeted support with leadership, team development, operations, and your marketing and sales pipeline
  • Come away with clarity on your goals and an impactful growth strategy on how to achieve them



/ 90 minutes

JCV Coaching Programme

  • In-depth initial business analysis, onboarding, and strategy creation 
  • Monthly one-to-one accountability calls to look at your numbers and discuss any operational challenges and concerns
  • Tri-annual on-site visits to review your progress, covering all aspects of your business 
  • Open access to JC on the phone
  • Regular socials and events
  • Access to JC’s Foundry team and wider network



per month

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